Wisconsin Fishing Season is Here

Wisconsin Fishing Season is Here

Written by Jeff boutin

The fishing season starts the first Saturday in May every year in the state of Wisconsin. For those of you out to chase walleyes here are a few tips that I hope will help you catch more fish. Typically water temperatures are in the low to mid 50's. You can find walleyes on top of rock reefs and along the flats and edges. Often it gets to be late morning and you find yourself looking for the walleyes that were on these reefs earlier. We've often been led to believe that walleyes like to go into the depths away from the sun. Not so; with the cold water temperatures in Spring, walleyes will travel long distances for warmer waters. Find yourself a sunny shoreline or a shallow flat, preferably a Northern shoreline. You can find walleyes as shallow as 2-3 feet of water, clear or dirty. The sun warms these waters more quickly than other areas in the lake. Walleyes will head into these shallow waters to warm up, even more so when the sun is high and bright.

Good luck, be safe, and have fun

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Jeff Boutin

Hi, I am your Captain Jeff Boutin. I am a US Coast Guard Licensed 50 Ton Masters Charter Captain and Tournament Angler from Mequon WI. I have been fishing for Walleyes for over 30 years. I can teach you some of the techniques used in tournament angling in order for you to be more successful at fishing in the future. Depending on the time of year, fish can be caught using a variety of methods. I can teach you some of the finer details behind jigging, bottom bouncers, casting, and trolling with crawler harnesses and crankbaits. I only guide on the Bay of Green Bay, because it is one of the top walleye destinations in the Midwest. Limits of eater sized walleyes are the normal from spring through summer. Trophy fish can be found throughout the bay, with the waters of Door County providing some of the best Trophy walleye fishing in the North America!

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