About Team Outdoors

Team Outdoors has worked hard to create and provide a wide variety of very unique products and services that we offer to outdoor fishing enthusiasts.

The Team Outdoors product line closely complements the mission of the Team Outdoors websites by introducing products that help an angler either save time on the water, assist them in mastering fishing techniques with ease, or help attract and catch more fish. The Team Outdoors product line consists of four product categories, containing 13 separate products, with over 100 color and size variations. The product categories include jigs, spinner attractors, weights, and miscellaneous items.

Team Outdoors has created and has a patent pending on a very unique line of jigs unlike anything ever created before. A jig is simply a hook with lead molded directly to the hook to add weight. The industry standard for a jig is, simple, round headed, and painted in a variety of colors. They are used to fish near the bottom of a lake or river. The Team Outdoors design differs because the lead jig head is designed to be hollow and allow water to flow through the center of it. This is very advantageous for a few reasons.

The first advantage to using a hollow jig is that fishing in a river with a current is much easier. The hollow design allows for maximum hydrodynamics allowing the angler to fish in current without the jig being easily swept away. The second advantage to the hollow jig is that fisherman for years have understood that fish prefer larger bait, while expending as little effort as possible. However, anglers also understand that a heavier jig is much more difficult for the fish to pick up which leaves you with a low “hooking” percentage. A hollow jig provides anglers with the best of both worlds, because Team Outdoors jig has a large profile that attracts fish but is also light enough to be easily inhaled by a fish.

Another variation of the hollow jig in Team Outdoors product line is a scented jig. This jig contains a scent holding puck in the center of the jig. It has been long understood that adding scent to a fishing lure will ultimately lead to more bites. On a standard jig the scent simply washes off within seconds of hitting the water, but Team Outdoors scent jig design allows the angler to fish for a much longer period of time before the scent dissipates from their lure.

Team Outdoors expansive product line is our series of spinner attractor rigs. The spinner attractor rigs attach to an anglers fishing line in front of their lure and provide extra fish attracting flash and vibration. These attractors come in 6 different variations and 14 different colors to appeal to every angler in the market. To make these products further stand out from the crowd, they attach to fishing line using our patent pending wire coil technology. This design allows anglers to quickly remove these items from their line in under 10 seconds without having to tie any knots.

Team Outdoors has also used their patent pending wire coil technology for the use of fishing weights. The use of weights in fishing is fairly straightforward. Sometimes you need extra weight on your line to get your lure down to the depth you believe the fish are active. What Team Outdoors has done is to incorporate the same patent pending wire coil design from the spinner rigs into a line of weights. These weights come in 2 variations and 7 different sizes. They are also designed to be removed from your line in under 10 seconds with no knot tying. This is a huge advantage over the current industry standard for these weights because normally setting up weights such as these would be a 5-10 minute process involving a variety of knots and lengths of fishing line. This product guarantees to save time and frustration for anglers.

Another product we have developed is a weed guard. Often times when trolling for fish, weeds and other debris floating on the surface get caught on your line. This debris is then forced down your line to your lure, which fouls it and does not allow you to catch any fish. The weed guard attaches to your line in the same way as the previous two products, and is simply there to catch surface debris before it can get to your lure and prevent you from catching fish.

Captain Jeff Boutin

Professional Angler Jeff Boutin

Hi, I am your Captain Jeff Boutin. I am a US Coast Guard Licensed 50 Ton Masters Charter Captain and Tournament Angler from Mequon WI. I have been fishing for Walleyes for over 30 years. I can teach you some of the techniques used in tournament angling in order for you to be more successful at fishing in the future. Depending on the time of year, fish can be caught using a variety of methods. I can teach you some of the finer details behind jigging, bottom bouncers, casting, and trolling with crawler harnesses and crankbaits. I only guide on the Bay of Green Bay, because it is one of the top walleye destinations in the Midwest. Limits of eater sized walleyes are the normal from spring through summer. Trophy fish can be found throughout the bay, with the waters of Door County providing some of the best Trophy walleye fishing in the North America!

Team Outdoors is not just fishing tackle service on the Bay of Green Bay. Check out what else Jeff and Team Outdoors is all about

Green Bay Outfitter

Green Bay Outfitters is a walleye and musky guide service located in Green Bay Wisconsin. Green Bay is one of the top walleye destinations in the Midwest. Limits of eater sized walleyes are the norm from spring through summer. Trophy fish can be found throughout the bay, with the waters of Door County providing some of the best Trophy walleye fishing in the North America!

Tomorrows Anglers

Tomorrow's Anglers Fish Quest Tournament is a nonprofit event, which was conceived for the sole purpose of promoting fishing through a youth tournament whose format is modeled off real professional fishing circuits.